Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Word from the Scriptures

Friends, let us take a moment to share in the scriptures.

Batman Confidential offers us some valuable insights on how we should live our lives and impose our beliefs on others. For the Bat tells us:

It's funny. The difference between silence and quiet.

Silence has a hum behind it. A nervousness. The fear of making a sound.

Quiet is absence. It is rest.

Silence is breath held. Quiet is soft breathing.

Tonight Gotham is quiet. For the first time since I've known her. It is working.

-Batman Confidential, 9/7: Frame 1

So what can learn from Batman's words?

Quiet is morally better than than silence. It is the quiet society we desire; it is the quiet society we seek to impose on others, whether they have accepted the Truth or not. We must strive to quiet, not silence, our public schools and institutions so that we may hear the sound of evil approaching. The Bat makes this clear.

In the same Book of Batman, we learn in Frames 15-17:

They know to fear me.

Yes... it is working.

Crime has learned my name. And it has recoiled.

From this, we know that Batman will not tolerate crime (secular institutions) for very much longer. I think His words speak very plainly: people must abandon their disbelief and stop looking to false heroes like Spiderman and Wolverine for their salvation. We are all criminals at heart and only through the Batman and the JLA can we find redemption.

So please, step into the light. Accept Bruce Wayne as the one true Bat and Robin as His partner. Embrace the Truth and the blessings bestowed upon us by Batgirl. You will quickly find that our problems are much easier to solve than we may think. We must learn to be quiet, but we shall never be silent.


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