Sunday, October 28, 2007


It has brought to the attention of the Elders, that some folks have been trying to leave comments- only to have some bogus entity tell them that they have been blocked.

For the record, I, Elvis Drinkmo, the High Priest of the DC Comictician, hereby declare that I have never banned anyone form this site. The First Church welcomes people from all comic book mythologies. It is our task to convince that Bruce Wayne is the true Batman and that Iron Man is a drunk and a fraud. We like Jesus, but we feel it will take more than walking on water to defeat the Black Manta. It is our mission to bring Captain Jean Luc Picard into every home so that each and every mortal will get the chance to join Starfleet and be beamed aboard the Enterprise when they die.

One of two things could explain what has happened.

1) Lex Luthor has devised a way to sabotage this site from the Legion of Doom's headquarters to prevent people from hearing the Word of Superman.

2) The entire staff of Google and Blogger has been bought off by the Joker or perhaps been assimilated by the Borg- where the Borg high mind is working to prevent people from becoming one with Starfleet from joining this church in order to steal more souls for their collective.

Either way, the Elders and I apologize to anyone who thinks they have been banned or cast out from the First Church of the DC Comictician and Latter Day Citizens of the United Federation of Planets. That is not what we do here. Everyone has the potential to live up to Justice League standards and it is our mission to tap into that potential.

We will chant and pray to Batgirl for the remainder of this day and hope that she will foil their plot by tomorrow.

All Glory Shall be in Her name.


Ananke said...

My money is on Lex Luthor. ;-)

Hoyt said...

I know Google preaches "Don't Be Evil" and all, but have you ever noticed that it never offers direct support for the Justice League?

Yeah, I definitely think something is up with Google and Blogger.

Anne Johnson said...

I put my money on Batman. He's trying to make sure the opposing opinion doesn't get out. And considering that I'm one of the people who was blocked, yes. I'm betting on Batman.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Batman doesn't work like that, Anne. If he's displeased with you, he'll let us know it- and here all Christians have to worry about is getting struck with lightning.

Hoyt, you may be on to something. I mean Google will direct you to sites offering the wonderful blessings of the JLA, but they nowhere do the say "In Robin's name" before they direct you to Batman. Clearly an indication that they are all nonbelievers who are bound for Arkham.

Ananke, I'm leaning toward Lex Luthor too. This is the devious plan he would concoct. People must be very careful about Luthor. Sure he's charming and offers all kinds of temptations, but he is evil and the path Luthor follows is the path to an eternity in Arkham Asylum.

We ask Superman to forgive us of our trespasses and to protect us against Lex Luthor, Toyman, and Bizzaro.