Friday, October 19, 2007

A Prayer for Healing: Dr. Beverly Crusher

Good evening, friends, let us bow our heads in prayer.

O Mighty Doctor and Commander Crusher,

We thank you for all you've done to heal so many humanoids in the Alpha Quadrant. And just as you have healed so many, so do we need to get to work healing our own souls so that we may embrace Starfleet Command and someday serve aboard the Enterprise E with you and Captain Picard.

Dear Dr. Beverly Crusher, thank you for your work in helping to fight the Borg. Thank you for bringing Jean Luc Picard back from his ordeal with the Borg as Locutus. Please be with us as we too fight against an eternal fate in the hands of the Borg.

Please help bring our leaders and our school boards to their senses, so that we may begin to heal our nation by teaching of the blessed bounties from the United Federation of Planets. We know that without the Federation, we are empty shells without meaning, without purpose. With you in our eternal medical bay and in our hearts, we cannot fail.

In acting Ensign Wesley Crusher's name we pray to you,




Chris James said...

Dr. Crusher was quite the MILF, wasn't she?

jedijawa said...

I'll say!