Monday, October 22, 2007

Bob Schieffer at CBS- Legion of Doom Sympathizer

Add another name to the list of people who needs to be dragged before a public tribunal and forced to answer some grilling questions before a inquiry panel. Yes, Bob Schieffer from CBS News' Face the Nation has made some startling comments regarding the upcoming election:

When former Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2000, he said he believed in God and would say no more about it than that. He said the rest was his business.

That's a good answer as far as I am concerned. That's why - when I interviewed former Governor Romney - I asked how much of his faith he felt obligated to share with voters.

I brought it up because polls show many Americans say they just won't vote for a Mormon. For a Mormon politician, that's not a religious problem, it's a political problem.

So when Romney said he was happy to be asked, I asked.

I found his answers interesting. He outlined how he saw the relationship of his religion to the duties of the presidency in much the way that John Kennedy explained his faith in that 1960 speech after people questioned his Catholicism.

Romney didn't go as far as Kennedy but I came away feeling I knew more about wh
o he was and that helps to make a political, not a religious judgment.

Had he said his religion was none of my business, I would have taken that as a legitimate answer. In America, what we choose to tell others about our faith is nobody's business but our own.

So Bob Schieffer feels that it isn't important to know what comic books to which these candidates are subscribing. False doctrines from the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and Marvel Comics or the real values and morals which can only come from DC Comics and Star Trek.

First of all, Bob, this is America and with the exception of Pete Stark all candidates must kneel before the idols of some higher entity before they can be accepted into a nation where separation of church and state is actually written into the law of land.

Second, I think we do have the right to know what kind of heroes we're going to call upon if the Joker decides to drop deadly Smilex laughing gas on the populace: one who turns water into wine or one who will fly a Batplane directly into the heart of evil to smite it from existence.

Third, anyone who tries to distract us from the real danger of a Legion of Doom assault on humanity is more than likely on Lex Luthor's payroll. They hate us because of our freedoms and because we elect our representives. No amount of bunk editorials or news reporting is going to change that fact.

Yes, folks, the elders have decided that the Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd and the Black Manta have taken over CBS news. When they aren't advancing the Legion's sinister agenda, they're more than likely reading Marvel Comic books between sets and thinking that Spiderman, Elektra, Jean Gray, and the Daredevil are real heroes who can stop their media inspired treachery if it happens to backfire on them.

So don't be too surprised when Bob Schieffer or someone else from CBS comes out in favor of Captain Cold for president. He won't adhere to any religion, but you best believe he'll have an agenda- an agenda that won't benefit anyone except those who have devoted their lives to crime and have taken up residence at the Legion of Doom's headquarters.