Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Have the Answers Part 1: What Happened to the Dinosaurs

Let us begin today's lesson on just what exactly happened the dinosaurs. We know for certain that none of them are around today, but that's just on this planet.

While Captain Kathryn Janeway was stuck in the Delta Quadrant along with the rest of her crew aboard the Starship Voyager, she made contact with a reptilian race called the Voth or Saurians (Star Trek Voyager, Season 3: Chapter 23). Two of the Voth scientists, one named Gegen, believed that their people came from a distant far away planet and they discover through meeting the crew of Voyager that that planet is called Earth. Professor Gegen called this the "Distant Origin Theory".

Captain Janeway and the Doctor use holographic imagines to confirm Professor Gegen's findings. They figure out that the Voth did indeed descend from the Hadrosaur which evolved right here on our own planet. Apparently, millions of years ago these Hadrosaurs realized that they were about to be wiped out by reoccurring natural disasters; so they banded together and invented warp powered vessels then headed out toward the other side of the galaxy to find a new world where they could live.

Professor Gegen was criticized and faced a trial for his unorthodox views and for challenging the Voth Ministry of Elders' doctrine that the Voth/Saurians were the first intelligent species in their realm of space. Even though the scientific evidence was right there in front of the Ministry, they chose to ignore it and punish Gegen for heresy instead.

I realize it's hard for us here on Earth to imagine governments and religious figures denying scientific facts and reason because it conflicts with certain beliefs and doctrines, but apparently it happens within the Voth realm of space.

So before people even think of teaching kids in our public schools that the dinosaurs died off because none of them would fit on Noah's Ark, they had better include the account of the Saurians and their quest for a new home out there in the Delta Quadrant where they formed the highly, technologically advanced civilization of the Voth.

It's only fair.


Aphra said...

Yes, it's hard to imagine that governments and religious figures would deny science, but if they do, we'll just point them in this direction. Thank you, O wise one.

Malach the Merciless said...

I evolved from a Dimetrodon

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Your welcome, Aphra.

You know, the answers are so simple. All one has to do to gain wisdom is to submit themselves to the Word of the Prophet Gene Roddenberry.

Tomorrow, we're planning a protest rally at the local school board because we want our children to learn these facts in earth science. Just like we want biology books changed so that our children understand that what their studying is "human biology"- they need to understand that Vulcans, Andorians, Telerites and Tholians have a different genetic make-up. We're really tired of being so persecuted that kids these days don't even get to learn that there are four quadrants to the galaxy in our schools.