Friday, February 27, 2009

We Have the Answers Part 6: How Life Began

A new $27 million dollar museum has opened down in Kentucky called the Creation Museum. There, people are treated to an "alternative" perspective on how the earth came be. It presents world history and science from a biblical perspective. According to them, the world is only 6,000 years old, the dinosaurs were cast out of the Garden of Eden along with Adam and Eve, and the Grand Canyon was created by the flood that killed everyone except Noah and his family.


I thought that everyone knew by now how life came to be on this planet; a group of humanoids from another galaxy scattered their DNA throughout the Milky Way Galaxy in order to preserve some part of themselves after they realized they were dying off. This DNA was set to evolve so that on earth-like environments, one species of Mammal would be dominant and resemble this mysterious, dying race of preservers.

As a matter of fact, Q took Captain Jean Luc Picard back in time to the beginning of life on earth and showed him a pool of genomes electronically combusting to form life- not Adam and Eve making love for the first time!

Turn with me, please, to Star Trek The Next Generation (Season 6:20):

"You're wondering who we are; why we have done this; how it has come that I stand before you - the image of a being from so long ago. Life evolved on my planet before all others in this part of the galaxy. We left our world, explored the stars and found none like ourselves. Our civilization thrived for ages, but what is the life of one race, compared to the vast stretches of cosmic time?

We knew that one day we would be gone, and nothing of us would survive - so we left you. Our scientists seeded the primordial oceans of many worlds, where life was in its infancy. This body you see before you, which is of course shaped as yours is shaped, for you are the end result. The seed code also contains this message, which was scattered in fragments on many different worlds.

It was our hope that you would have to come together in fellowship and companionship to hear this message, and if you can see and hear me, our hope has been fulfilled. You are a monument, not to our greatness, but to our existence. That was our wish - that you too would know life and would keep alive our memory. There is something of us in each of you, and so, something of you in each other. Remember us."

I think its clear where the Truth can be found and it isn't in that graphic novel they call Genesis. And how do we reward this ancient race who seeded the oceans with our DNA? By banning them from our schools and replacing them with two conflicting stories of equal absurdity: the Bible's version of creation and Darwin's theory of evolution. Here at the First Church of the DC Comictician and Latter Day Citizens of the United Federation of Planets, we believe there is no need for conflict. The Five Pillars of Star Trek teach us that we evolved by the intelligent design of an ancient race known as the Preservers. That's all the children need to know.

I mean the biblical creationist theories are colorful and interesting. But while their theories might address the question of how humans ended up on earth; they fail to explain how the Vulcans ended up on Vulcan or how the Klingons ended up on Qo'Nos. I really do hope parents will take that into account before they take their kids to this Creation Museum and let them think that any of it is historically or scientifically accurate.


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