Thursday, February 26, 2009

We Have the Answers Part 5: What We Need to Fear

The other day I heard people saying that recent events taking place in the world today are signs the end of the world is near. One woman even spoke of the Apokolips and I began to violently shake in my shoes.

I don't think people realize just how serious this is.

If Darkseid is planning an invasion, we had best prepare ourselves immediately.

Read about it here:

"Surprisingly, Apokolips is second to New Genesis in technological advancement. With their technology, they are the height of power in most of the universe and are able to devastate galaxies when they choose to use it. Apokoliptian technology is furthermore the source of unparalleled misery in the universe as the planet routinely arms evil groups with advanced technology in order to further its influence (and misery) across the universe."

This is no shit. I mean if you're one of those people who fears Hillary Clinton, you're going to just love Granny Goodness.


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