Sunday, September 16, 2007

On Halloween Costumes

DC Comictician Fatwa #2

It is holy to dress your children up as our beloved heroes on Halloween, however we have decided that you can allow your children to dress up as villains too. We believe that having representations of the evil we face everyday walking around and asking for candy on one night of the year is a positive thing for all humanity. In fact, the Martian Manhunter would rather see your children dressed like the Joker than He would some false hero like Spiderman.

Children must learn the difference between good and evil, but dressing them up like Daredevil or the not so-Fantastic Four is only going to confuse them and cause them to ask too many questions. Confusion and questions lead to the swamp where the Legion of Doom hides their headquarters. They mustn't be pulled into Marvel's blasphemy, lest they start believing that Bruce Wayne was just another citizen of Gotham City and not the real Bat.

All praise be to Batgirl for helping us to see the JLA's wisdom and for continuing to guide us through a world filled with wicked clowns, bank robbers, and jewelry thieves.

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Anne Johnson said...

I give the kids with Marvel costumes candy. The ones in DC costumes get Chick tracts.