Saturday, September 8, 2007

Apokolips Rising Pt. 2

Since people have been talking about the end times, I've spent countless hours trying to find signs that indicate Darkseid and his minions from Apokolips are stepping up their invasion plans a little early.

Well, it has been brought to the attention of the Elders that Darkseid's plan for total annihilation and domination may have begun as early as 1988. We believe that Granny Goodness may have actually posed as First Lady under the Bush I regime. Take a look at these pictures:

This means that Darkseid may already have obtained secret information from within the White House. Between that and all of the Legion of Doom operatives who have infiltrated our government and The Price is Right- we are in some serious trouble.

Not to mention that reports are coming in concerning the attempt by high ranking officials in NASA to contact the Borg Collective. More on this later.

I tell you here and now, folks, the time is at hand. We must focus our thoughts on the Hall of Justice, get those Batsignals up and running, and start putting Justice League and Federation values back in the classroom before it's too late.

We thank the non-believing Marvelite, Anne Johnson, for bringing Barbara Bush's true identity to light. The Martian Manhunter has informed me that Anne may have earned 200 years off her sentence in Arkham Asylum.


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