Monday, October 1, 2007

Flintstone for President '08

The First Church of the DC Comictician and the Latter Day Citizens of the United Federation of Planets proudly announces it's support for Fred Flintstone for President of the United States.

Fred supports family values and success through hard work.

Fred believes in conservative morals and decency.

Fred is a shining example of the very things we hope for in this country. Fred is a family man and proud husband of Wilma Flintstone. Together, they're raising a beautiful young daughter named Pebbles.

Best of all, Fred's prehistoric morals and outlook on life will go hand in hand with the religious revival that has gripped this nation and helped push so many people out their doors to get out and vote against gay marriage and abortion.

And since we have spent the past thirty years turning this country into Bedrock, Fred is ideal candidate to lead us back into the past.

So in 2008:

Vote Right, Vote Stone Age, Vote Fred Flintstone for President.


Update: Fred has announced his running partner for the 2008 election:

Homer Simpson

His qualifications:

1) He has worked harder to get where he is today than Dick Cheney, and

2) He's smarter than George W. Bush.

Plus he will generate support from all those white male voters who are sick and tired of all those people who know something about government, seeking to run the government.

Flintstone/Simpson '08- America: The Way It Was Meant to Be!


GeekZenDaddy said...

Go Fred! He'll get my vote that's for sure. So far least of all the evil choices presented!


Michael K. Willis said...

Flintstone/ :-) I've been looking for a ticket to support and this is definitely one I can get behind :-)