Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Iowa and The Great Adam and Eve Myth

My friend Egalia recently blogged about a professor at Southwestern Community College who got fired for referring to a section of that big comic book called the Holy Bible as a myth. The comic book frames in question are the ones that talk about a man, a woman, a snake, and a garden called Eden.

In Egalia's words:

"If you want to teach in an Iowa Community College, you should probably be prepared to teach that snakes have a tradition of talking, eating the wrong apple can bring on the downfall of mankind (sic), and the manly ribcage was the precursor to the womanly womb.

"In other words, Iowa is preparing students for jobs in the Bush Administration.

"Southwestern Community College instructor Steve Bitterman says he was fired for teaching that the Adam and Eve creation myth IS a myth."

Indeed. And those of us who understand Star Trekiology and have accepted Starfleet Command into our hearts know that the Adam and Eve story is nothing more than a story because we have been enlightened by Q through Captain Jean Luc Picard as to how life started on this planet and it wasn't started by two people dancing around naked in some magical garden.

Mr. Spock has confirmed this in the scriptures of Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country; where it is revealed to us that he keeps a painting in his quarters of the Adam and Eve myth as a reminder that all things must end. And we do not ever question the word of Spock.

The Star Trek scriptures also teach us about a group of renegade dissidents who hijacked the Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk's command and took the ship into Romulan space to a planet that they believed was the location of this place called the Garden of Eden. (Star Trek Season 3: Chapter 16)

Of course, the planet ended up being full of deadly plants and poisonous fruit; not entirely unlike the kind they seem to serving at Iowa's Southwestern Community College.

So what is it that the administrators hope to accomplish by firing Steve Bitterman? Do their sensitive Christian students also plan on violating our Neutral Zone Treaty with the Romulans by hurling themselves into their space in an attempt to prove that their great myth isn't really a myth. Judging by the rationale that seems to prevail over Southwestern Community College, it wouldn't really surprise me.


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