Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Not Ask the Real Religious Experts

We stumbled across this article from the Ottawa Citizen under the subtitle Ask the Religion Experts:

Question: If an intelligent life form with free will were found elsewhere in the universe, how would that affect your faith group? Would it change your theology?

A: The most immediate impact is that we would try to sign them up as members!

I guess my first curiosity would be to find out if these life forms, with their free will, set up houses of prayer, and if so, what religion they embrace.

Kidding aside, the existence of other life forms would be an exciting reality were it to unfold. If we contemplated this from a big picture perspective, it would certainly enhance our appreciation of God as the Creator of more than just one world.

We have thankfully outgrown the notion of many gods, each representing a different nation or ethnic group. We correctly perceive God as being Lord of the entire universe. The bigger the universe, the greater the glory of God.

So what part of the Truth that can only be found in DC Comics and Five Holy Star Trek Shows did this "theologian" miss? What kind of blasphemous heresy promotes the idea that there may or may not be other sentient beings in the universe? What path are these people trying to lead us down when they deny the existence of OA and the Guardians who have assembled the Green Lantern Corps to protect us from the evil doers and defend our way of life? Do they really believe that Superman came from Kansas and not the planet Krypton? Are these people so bereft of belief and hope that they fail to understand the Vulcans are coming down from the sky to wash us of our sinsters and save our planet from impending doom?

Perhaps we should come to expect this from people who follow a god who doesn't even know about the Warp Drive. One thing is for certain, they will never come to the First Church of the DC Comictician and Latter Day Citizens of the United Federation of Planets for answers. If they did, the Truth would likely blind them quicker than the bright yellow light that comes from the blast of a Klingon disrupter.

You see, once you've accepted Captain James T. Kirk and the Batman into your heart, your mind is open to various dimensions and other forms of life that are as real as unicorns and dragons. Woe is the person who doesn't understand that there are talking rocks, space faring molds, gelatinous shape-shifters, and millions of other humanoid species scattered across four different quadrants because of the ingenious genetic technology scattered about by an ancient dying race.

Friends, it is only on this planet and in this dimension that people fear weak-ass sissy villains like Satan and bumbling, incompetent idiots like the Antichrist. The rest of the galaxy knows that the real threats lie with the Borg Collective and a secret society of supervillains called the Legion of Doom.

It's not too late for you to step into the light. Embrace Starfleet and the Hall of Justice and you will know what path you should be following. The alternative is an afterlife of agony with the Borg Collective or the doctors at Arkham Asylum. Choose wisely.


Malach the Merciless said...

I agree, seriously, if we found a sentient alien race, I would be very interested to hear their views of religion.

Ananke (Goddess With An Identity Crisis) said...

Amen, brother!