Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For the Sake of Vanilla Ice Cream- A Truce Has Been Called

My children of the DC Word and Friends of Batgirl's Bliss,

A truce hath been declared. At the request of Jackie and everything that is Holy, the culture war between DC and Marvel Comics will cease until Thursday so that we may all share in the imminent victory of Thrilla Vanilla Ice Cream.

This church hereby grants you permission to indulge yourselves in Marvel Comics until further notice. This includes: movies, comic books, graphic novels, television shows or anything else Marvel related. If you're 37 years old and have been eyeing Spiderman toys and action figures, now is the time to buy without fear of being sent to Arkham. If your two-year old grandson comes over with his Spiderman jacket on, you are free to compliment him on his taste in clothing. If you happened to come across the new Captain America comic book that explains His resurrection from the dead at the newsstand, you may now purchase it. Marvel shirts, shoes, hats are now acceptable and will not get you excommunicated from the Body of Batman. Just so long as you do the right thing and vote for Vanilla as the number one ice cream.

The Elders, in their infinite wisdom, saw this truce coming and informed me on Friday that I was free to rent Spiderman 3 and watch it without feeling guilty. This same generosity is being granted to each of you.

Afterall, if we do not unite now, Dr. Doom, Lex Luthor, Magneto, Brainiac, Captain Cold, and the Green Goblin are all going to be enjoying a cone of Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream together while the rest of us are left to perish.

So once again we urge you: DC Comicticians and Marvelites together get out there and Vote for Vanilla. If Vanilla can unite these two opposing factions, tell me, is it not the the greatest ice cream of all times? Peace, Justice, and Prosperity with Thrilla Vanilla!


Malach the Merciless said...

But I don't like Vanilla, I am doomed aren't I . .

Blonde Goddess said...

I voted for vanilla...it was the right thing to do.

PB & C said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: all you other flava's can lick my cone!

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Hall of Justice, 1
Arkham Asylum, 2

Sorry, Malach. But it's not too late to recant and acknowledge Vanilla Ice Cream's greatness.

Jackie said...

Hallelujah Brother!

It's PBC clobberin' time!