Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Final Plea for Vanilla Ice Cream

The Klingon Empire has agreed to side with Federation citizens in the struggle to elect Vanilla Ice Cream as the number one ice cream of the Alpha Quadrant in the DBEC 2008 Final Round.

The Klingon High Council has declared that Thrilla Vanilla is the Official Ice Cream of the Warrior. By decree, Vanilla is now not just a matter of delicious, it is a matter of honor.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we share with you The Lord's Prayer (in traditional Klingon). Brought to you by former Chancellor, Gowron.

maj vav 'Iv ghaH Daq chal
quv ghaH lIj pong
DichDaq ghoS
'oH DichDaq taH ta'pu'
Daq tera' 'oH ghaH Daq chal
nob maH vam jaj maj tIr Soj
je maH maj traqpas'
je Dev maH ghobe' Daq tem'tak
maH chaH vetlh traqpas' Daq maH
'ach toD maH vo' mIghtaHghach
vaD thine ghaH je HoS je batlh vaD ever je ever.


Now perhaps we can turn the tide on this vote. With Jesus, the Klingon Empire, Spiderman, Batgirl, God, the JLA, the X-Men, and Captain James T. Kirk on our side how can we lose?!

Cast your Vote for Honor and Truth Here.
(Please don't make me translate the Five Pillars of Islam into Thanagarian. Just get on over to Donut Buzz and Vote for Vanilla- the number one ice cream of the Milky Way Galaxy.)

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Malach the Merciless said...

Question: What does Swamp Thing eat for Ice Cream?