Saturday, April 19, 2008

National Prayer Day

May 1st is National Day of Prayer and according to the National Day of Prayer Task Force, everyone from all faiths is urged to join in by praying to the higher being of their choice.

We here at the First Church of the DC Comictician and Latter Day Citizens of the United Federation of Planets urge all of members to participate in this spectacular event; especially since our faith is right and everybody else's is wrong.

We have several prayers for you to recite in the sidebar. You can honor Hawkgirl, Lieutenant Uhura, or Captain James T. Kirk with our holy scripts if you like. You can say your own if that's what you choose.

If you're in need of an engine repair, you might want to say praise to Mr. Scott. If you're looking to smite all your foes with deadly force, perhaps you could share a few words with the Batman. Maybe you're lost and you can't find your way home; try seeking out the advice of Jonn Jonzz, the Martian Manhunter.

It's all up to you. If all your problems aren't solved within forty-eight hours, you weren't praying hard enough and you don't have enough faith. You'll have to wait til National Day of Prayer next year.

But whatever you do, friends, make sure that in your own special way that on May 1st you thank the Justice League of America and Starfleet Command for watching over us and saving us from our sinisters.

Pray that our government will wake up and realize the serious dangers posed by the Legion of Doom and the influence they have over our schools and our media.

Pray that national tribunals will take place so we can find out how many politicians, college professors, professional baseball players and Hollywood actors are on Lex Luthor's payroll.

Pray that we elect leaders who will honor and respect the word of Captain Jean Luc Picard and begin building a defense grid around Sector 001 to protect us from the Borg.

Pray that World War III gets underway a little sooner so the Vulcans will land in Montana a little early and save us all from ourselves.

I mean, how can publically giving our Superheroes and Starfleet officers just a little bit of praise from time to time hurt?



Malach the Merciless said...

Pray that the Anti Monitor never comes back and screws up/fixes continuity again!

mamallama said...

Can I get an "AMEN?"

I think I'll say a special prayer for Trip. (Just finished Star Trek Enterprise box set ... not loving the ending!)

Elvis Drinkmo said...

No doubt, Mama. I hated how they killed off Commander Trip Tucker- by far the best character on the show with Dr. Phlox in a close second.

But to be fair, I think they had to prematurely pull the plug on Enterprise so they probably had to rush that last episode together which made it such a disappointment.

The forming of the United Federation of Planets deserved better.

Jennifer said...

I'll say a prayer that we get warp technology in the next two months so we can escape the stupidity on this planet if we so choose. I'll even throw in a Tibetan chant. I wonder what will happen if I mix eastern religion and Star Trek? I hope my head doesn't explode.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Well, Scotty might suggest that your head could explode by mixing the two, Jennifer. I might have to look into that.

Either way, sign me up for that warp flight too.