Friday, November 9, 2007

A Nation Without Morals

How difficult it is today living in a nation where the values taught by DC Comics no longer mean anything; a nation where an "anything goes" attitude extends like a feeding tube directly into the Legion of Doom's headquarters.

Did Superman fight to save Metropolis just so all these ungrateful people could line up around the block to see Ghost Rider or Spiderman 3? Our Heroes tell us that we are to have no other heroes before them. Yet in this morally defunct society, people think it's perfectly alright to kneel down before the alter of the Fantastic Four.

The following comes from AP and none of it surprises me.

Imports also rose in September, climbing by 0.6 percent to $196.6 billion, the second highest level on record. Imports of foreign-made cars, televisions and clothing were all up. Oil imports, however, fell by 0.8 percent to $10.5 billion, an improvement that is likely to be temporary given the recent surge in oil prices to close to $100 per barrel.

The deficit with China rose 5.5 percent to $23.8 billion, second only to a $24.4 billion deficit in October 2006. Imports surged to the second highest level on record, pushed up by big gains in imports of Chinese-made televisions, cell phones, computers and toys as retailers stocked their shelves for Christmas.

Those gains were occurring despite a string of high-profile recalls of Chinese products this year — everything from toys with lead paint to defective tires and chemical-tainted toothpaste and pet food ingredients.

That's right the country we believe conspired with the Joker to taint Batman toys got a 5.5% trade deficit increase. Why? Possibly because more than half our government is on the Legion of Doom's payroll. And while the media is trying to keep up with the Silver Surfer our nation keeps spiraling downward. They need to be calling for nationwide tribunals.

Don't get me wrong, selling our entire economy to China is fine just as long as we practice the morals and understand the teachings of the JLA. If we live our lives with Batman in hearts, we don't need to worry about free agreements that send our jobs overseas. Once every single manufacturing job has been shipped out of the country, we can all just go to work for Jonn Jones and Mr. Terrific. But that won't be possible into we turn this into a nation that follows DC morals and celebrates the wonderful blessings bestowed upon us by Hawkgirl.

If we could just put Superman back in the classroom, our problems would quickly disappear and we wouldn't even have to raise taxes to offer our children better educations. Barbara Gordon is Batgirl and Superman is from Krypton. What more do they need to know? What would it hurt to teach our children about the wonderful blessings of the Martian Manhunter and let them offer praise to Batman before every class is dismissed?

Because I can tell you, friends, if we continue to forsake the Black Canary and Green Arrow, our nation will continue slipping into the hands of Lex Luthor, Gorilla Grodd, and the entire Legion of Doom. Once they've completed their sinister plans to rule the world under one flag, their own, all hope will be lost.


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