Friday, November 9, 2007

The Workings of a Known Legion Sympathizer

That's right, folks. Known Legion of Doom sympathizer and operative, Drew Carey, has confirmed our suspicions that he's on the Lex Luthor's payroll.

In an earlier post, we discussed how Bob Barker worked tirelessly throughout his career keeping Batman's arch-villains from hijacking the Price Is Right and putting incorrect prices on things like toasters to throw the audience off in order to create mayhem. Then along comes Drew Carey and next thing you know rumors began to circulate around the Alpha Quadrant that he was considering Mr. Freeze and Harvey "Two-Face" Dent to fill in as the game show's new announcers.

And now there's this.

Mr. Carey is pushing for the legalization of marijuana. It's hard to believe that anyone without sinister ties to all things evil would even consider legalizing something that kills millions of people everyday and makes young people commit horrendous acts of villainy; terrifying things like chilling out on the couch and listening to Bob Marley.

It is unimaginable what this could do to the fabric of our society: more people listening to jazz, playing soccer, hanging around in groups of three or more, getting along in bars, and relieving their pain, stress, and anxiety. It cannot be allowed to stand!

So here's a video from Drew Carey defending medicinal marijuana at You Tube:


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