Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Grave Day for the DC Comictician

Folks, I ask for your prayers in the upcoming days.

My grandson came over and just look at the towel he brought with him. Spiderman!

I'm not sure what I've done wrong. I've tried to teach my family about the wonderful blessings that have been bestowed upon us by the Elongated Man, Hawkgirl, Batman and our sacred Heroes from the JLA. With every ounce of my spiritual strength I've tried to warn them of the false heroes from Marvel Comics.

I ask Superman and Wonder Woman to give me strength in these trying days when our Marvel-biased media has created such a world that even one of my own would fall prey to their false teachings. I ask Batman for the wisdom to solve this riddle on how to combat Marvel's spreading influence across the globe.

And I must remember that this could have been worse. My grandkids could have dressed up as the X-Men for Halloween. Thank Batgirl, they didn't.


Rosie said...

Aaaack! I'm not sure what is more distressing...your grandkid showing up with a Spiderman promotional item (Oh...the horror...where DID you go wrong?) or that you HAVE a grandkid. I thought you were...like...25.

The Film Geek said...

Great picture, and post. I'm sure you get a pass on this one.

Ananke said...

Hm, looks like he's entering his rebellious stage a little early. ;-)

Anne Johnson said...

He's already rebelling against your repressive DC faith, just like the poor kids who got dragged to "Hallelujiah Night" instead of being able to trick-or-treat.

Jackie said...

Ha! Score another one for the good guys!

And hell, I thought you were 16 or 17... :D

Elvis Drinkmo said...

That's an easy mistake to make, Jackie- since I think seventeen is about the age when I seemed to stop maturing. :)

I'm sure it's barely noticeable when people scroll down through this blog's sidebar.