Monday, November 26, 2007

Fred Thompson on Church and State

One of our modern day nihilist voters, who probably just finished reading an Incredible Hulk comic book, asked Republican presidential candidate, Fred Thompson, about religion.

Thompson replied,

“I believe in the separation of church and state,” Thompson said, drawing a distinction between church and religion. “I don’t think the church as a church ought to have a position in government… I didn’t say religion I said the church, so that’s a different -- that’s a different kind of thing. I mean our founding fathers -- I mean whether you’re talking about, you know, what’s written in the Supreme Court or the United States Senate or opening prayers or anything like that -- our founding fathers, of course, would never have separated religion totally.”

Like all the presidential candidates, Thompson seems to have forgotten that this nation was founded upon the word handed down to us by Superman through DC Comics and the awesome protection which we all enjoy from the Bat. How can any nation separate a its well being from the one true church that promises to smash all evil doers and their minions of destruction?

And of course, he completely neglects to mention the founders of the United Federation of Planets or the five Holy Starfleet Captains when discussing prayer and morality, but this is what this country has come to. No one should be surprised.

There can be no doubt that he too is on the Legion of Doom's payroll and seeks to advance the sinister motives of Gorilla Grodd and Lex Luthor. To find the real Fred Thompson's morals, one would likely have to travel to the Delta Quadrant and give a thorough inspection of a Borg drone's alcove.



Buzzardbilly said...

Fred Thompson (like most of the members of every single Republican administration since the 1970s) was a part of the Nixon administration. That alone should be enough to make Superman worry that his hair might spontaneously stand on end and crackle like 4th of July sparklers.

Ananke said...

I knew there was something off about Fred Thompson. He is evil and must be destroyed! Lex Luthor had better watch his back or old Fred will be running the Legion of Doom. ;-)

Elvis Drinkmo said...

That is one possibility, Ananke. No more Lex Luthor of Gorilla Grodd- just Fred Thompson.

And your right Buzzard Billy, anyone involved with the Nixon Administration can be immediately tagged Legion sympathizer and should be brought up on charges as such.