Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wikipedia- Source of Information or Agents for the Legion of Doom

The major reason America is on the decline is because along with the Marvel-biased media, America's educational institutions are rife with non-believers. I had always thought that Wikipedia was a fair and balanced source of information that wasn't biased against eternal wisdom, but it turns out that they too have turned their backs on the Truth and are helping to steer this country away from the Justice League and I think it's high time congress starts holding a few hearings.

I was preparing tomorrow's lesson plans for the First Church of the DC Comictician and Latter Day Citizens of the United Federation of Planets. I lit a candle and began honoring the Black Canary in my heart when I came across this from Wikipedia's article on a hero to whom we all owe our eternal gratitude:

"This article describes fictional events in the past tense. The present tense should be used in order to clearly differentiate between fictional events and actual history. To meet Wikipedia's quality standards, this comics-related article or section may require cleanup."

No doubt that this is the kind of things our children are being taught in school. Well, I know where the cleanup needs to start and it ain't in this "comic-related article" or section. That is if we are truly going to be a nation that stands for justice and eternal vigilance; they way our founding superheroes intended.



Anne Johnson said...

If you don't like what Wickedpedia says about your false DC gods, you can just go in and change it. That's what makes Wickedpedia so useful as a reference tool.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Your point is noted, Anne.

Nevertheless, this very intro to an article about our great Hero, Black Canary, is offensive to my eyes.

We need to put Superman back in the classroom and steer this country away from the mind beams being sent out by Gorilla Grodd's new ray gun. Without the Justice League in hearts, there can be no peace.