Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Public Schools: An Absolute Disgrace

We can't hammer this point home enough: America's public schools aren't making the grade. While they're busy teaching the children about useless things like math and science, they refuse to introduce Batgirl's wonders into the classroom.

Is it any wonder that this nation has lost its way? Anime, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, and Marvel Comics are allowed run ramped while the Truth found inside the pages DC Comics are forbidden by our secular school boards and activist liberal judges. Can anyone really blame our children for not knowing right from wrong?

Well, we have two more beefs to add to the list.

1) In history class, why aren't the children learning about the DC Holy Crusades against the Marvelites when they occupied Gotham City and began replacing Batman's symbols with those of Spiderman and the (not-so) Fantastic Four. Are they afraid that they might make that darling of the liberal media, the Incredible Hulk, into some kind of monster? Probably.

2) So we have "history" class (which is faulty at best). Why is there no Future History Class? We already know what is going to happen. After WWIII wipes out most of humanity, the Vulcans are going to land in Montana and save us from ourselves. The Star Trek scriptures tell us that this will happen, yet kids are graduating from high school with little or no knowledge of what lies ahead.

When one looks at our schools, it's as though we want our children thinking for themselves and making the most of their lives without any gods, Heroes or Starfleet Officers. If history has taught us anything, it's that free thought and individual will are bad for a nation's safety and security. We need to take back to the basics which are grounded in DC Comics and the vision of a United Federation of Planets.

If free thinkers are allowed to develop then there will be no devastating third world war; hence no Starfleet headquarters in San Fransisco. If continue to ignore Batman's teachings then he will turn His back on us. And without Starfleet and Batman, there can be no peace.



JDB said...

Don't the Star Trek scriptures have some chronology problems, Rev? Don't I remember the rise of Khan happening sometime in the 20th century? Since that didn't happen, are the scriptures in error, or simply in need of reevaluation?

Malach the Merciless said...

Hey, is there any DC History Book, that clearly explains the History of DC Charactes with out going Crisis?

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Well, JDB, we know that Khan did rise to power during the Eugenics War and that some people interpreted that to mean in the 1990's. However, there are times when we just cannot question the Truth because it is the Truth and the Truth cannot be questioned. So when we begin thinking that things don't click, it is at that time when we need to shut down our minds and begin giving praise.

Thinking is over rated as it takes us further away from the love of Starfleet. We need to just believe instead. Once we have accepted Captain Kirk into our hearts all questions will be answered.


DC history is the only history that matters. This nation was founded upon the morals and values taught to us in DC Comics. The founding fathers believed in Superman and the only reason they didn't put Him in the constitution is that they didn't want to reveal His secret identity.

Mild Red (The Person Formerly Known As Ananke) said...

I think the Eugenics War happened but the knowledge was ruthlessly suppressed by big government. Or maybe we were just to distracted by the did-he-or-didn't-he Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky sex scandal to notice. ;-)

Elvis Drinkmo said...

That could be it too, Mild Red. The liberal media and their activist judges will do anything to keep people from the Truth.

What is important is that we believe.