Wednesday, August 1, 2007

School Dress Codes

My second suggestion for cleaning up our schools and turning our country around is the implementation of a school dress code.

Some people think the solution to improving our schools is to put more money into them and train people to be better educators, but the real problem lies with the fact that kids today can wear just about anything to class. It's no wonder a child can't learn when they've got kids all around them wearing tee-shirts and blue jeans and you name it.

So I recommend that all public schools begin enforcing a new dress code where all students must wear a Starfleet uniform as well as conform to all Starfleet regulations pertaining to hair length and grooming. If the children feel confined by these strict rules, we can make it more enjoyable by allowing them to wear the color of the field they're most interested in pursuing: blue for science and mathematics, red for command and leadership, gold for engineering and security.

Let's face it. Kids these days have very little respect for Captain Jean Luc Picard. What a better way to turn this quadrant around than to make them wear the uniforms we so proudly salute when we think of the upcoming Borg invasion. I mean it's no wonder our children cannot connect with Federation values when we allow them to cultivate this "anything goes" attitude. And with everyone dressing in Starfleet attire, the children won't have to be bothered with all those messy differences that often come with allowing them to express so much individuality.

No more tennis shoes, dirty blue jeans or black and white tee-shirts with offensive (or not offensive) slogans- just a com badge, some boots, and the red, blue, and gold. Put this small initiative into place and watch the test scores and grades soar to new limits.



Anne Johnson said...

Personally I favor the white storm trooper uniforms from the original "Star Wars." Talk about perfect anonymity! And those uniforms would cut down on school violence in ways your Starfleet spandex could only dream of. Have you seen how poorly the Star Wars troopers performed with their weapons? Not one could hit the side of a barn, let alone Luke Skywalker.

Hoyt said...

Back in the day, I owned one red Star Trek TOS shirt. Its polyester fabric made me itch--a small price to pay for looking cool.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

...and being righteous.