Monday, October 27, 2008

Special Election Coverage 2008: Gun Control

It has been said, "if guns are outlawed, only the Penguin's henchmen will own guns". And there is a lot of truth in that wisdom. But what can we expect from a bunch of Hollywood liberals and their media friends who care nothing for the teachings of Vigilante and the Green Lantern. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if these same pinkos wanted to take away our green power rings when they've done confiscated all our hunting rifles.

We here at the First Church of the DC Comictician and Latter Day Citizens of the United Federation of Planets have another saying, "Gun control means pointing your phaser at the right people and setting it to kill only when it's necessary".

And if you need further proof, here is a passage from the DC scriptures that let's us know where the Batman stands on this crucial issue that is so vital to our homeland security:

So you see, we need to be careful about who we're voting for this November. One wrong flip of the switch- the next thing you know you'll be stripped of all your defenses when the Legion of Doom barges into your house and induces your children into a life of crime.



Chris James said...

They can have my phaser when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Or vaporize me.

Either way, 72 Hawkgirls and/or Jeri Ryans await in Paradise.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

That's right, Chris.

Glory can be ours if we just have a little faith in the JLA and a whole lot of fire power.

Anne Johnson said...

I'm glad I live in a state where we don't have to conceal our Green Hornet Rings.

Jack Dorf said...

In Australia they took our Green Hornet Rings away in the 90's.

Is it any safer?

You be the judge .

Elvis Drinkmo said...

That's serious, Jack. My thoughts are that Captain Boomerang has developed some sort of mind ray to take over the wallabies in order to lure the Flash to Australia. It's the only rationale explanation that exists.