Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Living a Life Full of Sinisters

Good morning, friends.

You know, it is difficult for us to dwell in a land where people worship the very things that the Legion of Doom stands for.

It is hard to walk amongst people who believe a man named Peter Parker puts on a spider suit and scales large buildings while completely rejecting the lessons that Superman has tried to teach us. It's safe to say that people these days are all about coveting the technology invented in the batcave. They walk by jewelry stores and think of ways to rob those stores without getting caught.

So in these dark times when Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd are all the rage, it is important to remember what Batman has to offer in the DC scriptures.

Let us turn now to Batman Chronicles I.

The scriptures tell us:

Less than a week ago, the Batman saw his sworn enemy, the grim Doctor Death, burned to ashes in a fire that wrecked an entire house.

And the Bat saith unto the masses:

There should be a wall safe behind one of these pictures. I'll try that one.

I think the scriptures are pretty clear. We all have a little Dr. Death inside of us and we all have stolen goods hidden inside our walls. Those walls might be literal and they might be the walls which surround our minds. The stolen goods might be diamonds and they might be the thoughts that tempt us into looking at a Fantastic Four comic book. We must strive to surrender these treasures and thoughts before the Batman finds us too and drags us off to Arkham.

One thing is for certain, Dr. Death no longer poses a threat because the Bat dealt with him. Therefore, you haven't seen him in any of the cartoons and movies and you won't. The question lays before you. Will you join Dr. Death in Arkham or will you confess your sinisters to the JLA and live a life worthy of a cartoon? The choice belongs to all of us.



Buzzardbilly said...

I don't think I ever stole any thoughts...seems that would be a mighty hard thing to steal.

Dr. Death receives plenty of mentions in the Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell movie "Overboard." I love that silly movie. My Batman have mercy on my soul.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I could have worded that better and said stolen goods represent bad thoughts. But I won't because the Borg Collective steals thoughts and most of the infidels who run our government, media, and entertainment industry are as likely to be in line with the Borg as they are the Legion of Doom. I can just see those Hollywood elitists now- hooking up to Borg alcoves with a glass of champaign thinking it's the hip, new fad for 2008.

(I liked Overboard, too, Billy. It's been awhile since I seen it and I don't remember the Dr. Death references. I'll have to check it out again.)