Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Won, I Won!

Actually, we all win. For JDB so loved the world, he has decided to spread the love offered to us through Batgirl and honor the sacrifices She has made for us.

Therefore, the First Church of the DC Comictician and Latter Day Citizens of the United Federations of Planets has been chosen to receive the Roar for Powerful Words Award. Of course, we all know that the loudest roar comes from the sweet but bad ass voice of the Black Canary. However, we must give praise to Justice League of America for be presented with this honor.

And being as that we are closer to Captain Kirk than the average mortal, it is our duty and our responsibility to share with some of Starfleet's and the JLA's wisdom when it comes to blogging.

1) Put your desk in the basement, carve a body sized hole through the floor, put a pole through the floor (like them ones they waste on exotic dancing), and slide down that pole every time you sit down to your computer. You won't be Batman, but you will feel a little closer to His grace.

2) Before sitting down to your computer and moving your mouse, call out: "On Screen". And if you're really in need of spiritual nurturing, recite the passage of Captain Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation, 3:26

Borg vessel, you have committed acts of aggression against the United Federation of Planets. We have developed new defensive capabilities since our last encounter and we will be forced to use them if you do not withdraw from Federation space.

3) Enjoy yourself while you're blogging. It doesn't matter how many people read your blog so long as you, yourself, have fun with what you're doing. Entertain yourself and others will join you and enrich your experience. (If you're lucky enough to live in a state like West Virginia, you'll make friends and meet some really cool people in no time flat.)

So now, this Church with the Authority of the Revered Intergalactic Elders nominates the following blogs to receive the Roar of the Powerful Words Award:

1) Ananke from Confused and Amused. One of the Justice League's chosen people, her blog is anything but dull and this Church has been down with her blog for a few years now.

2) Anne from The Gods Are Bored. She has some pretty strange ideas about Milk and Cheese Slave Graphics, but she has recently joined us in praise of Lieutenant Uhura. Anne's blog kicks ass and unlike some other religions, which we shall not name, she realizes that in this day in age we need all the gods we can get.

3) Rosie from Smokey Mountain Breakdown. Rosie takes the time to experience and savor the Appalachian culture that so many of us take for granted. Commander Trip Tucker is smiling upon her as I write.

4) Scarlett from Scarlett Tanager from the Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia blogs gets the award. I know next to nothing about handcrafts, but I find myself becoming more interested in the art of stitching and sewing- well, that and making my own beer. What is cooler than getting a gift that someone made just for you- well, aside from somebody making a bottle of beer for you. May Zatanna Bless You.

5) Last, but not least, is my another one of my homegirls, Jenny from Jennyville. Jenny is number one when it comes to bloggers who make me laugh and smile when I need it most. Her soul will one day see the Hall of Justice unless she decides to become a commissioned Starfleet officer- they both carry an equal amount of bliss.

Almost as common as this thread itself is the award winners saying that they wished they could nominate more bloggers for this. One I really wanted to name was Laurel's Observations, Wabi Sabi, Juanuhcis' Way (who I just now found out won- cool), and Don't Print This and how did Chris James and the get missed- but I didn't want anyone to think I'm biased toward West Virginians. This Church thinks very highly of all Appalachian bloggers from all thirteen states our region touches- no matter what their political or religious stripe.

Now, Go and Walk with Starfleet.


Rosie said...

I can't think of anyone more deserving of a Powerful Words Award!

Thanks so much for the nomination!

Juanuchis said...

Thanks for the shout-out, my brother!

Ananke said...

Darn, I missed this when you posted it. Congratulations on the award and thanks for the mention!!!! :-D