Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stem Cell Research

Resident Bush has vowed to veto a bill coming out of congress that would create federal support for stem cell research. Apparently, his opposition to the bill is based on this:

"Opponents of the latest stem cell measure insisted that the use of embryonic stem cells was the wrong approach on moral grounds (emphasis mine) - and possibly not even the most promising one scientifically."

My question is: what kind of religion would rally against research that could possibly be used to cure diabetes and Parkinson's disease?

I can't imagine the Justice League working so hard against something that could save people's life and no one can tell me that J'onn J'onzz and Ray Palmer ain't moral. Even if such life saving research were made illegal, I doubt any of our heroes would even obey such arcane legal madness. You know Batman sure the hell wouldn't.

I just don't see how anyone could adopt such a strict and stingy moral code based upon someone's interpretation of an old mythology. I guess maybe some things should just never be let out of the cave.



ariadne said...

This sickens me. One of the members of my family is severely handicapped, and I believe that adequate research on stem cells might lead to a treatment to improve her condition.

But hey, who cares about the bornies when there are snowflake babies to "save"!

The Film Geek said...

Those same folks would have stopped the creation of Conner Kent, as well. And look what that modern day Superboy did recently...nothing short of saving the world! Thankfully, Luthor had the guts to ignore the pleas of interest groups in that case.