Friday, June 29, 2007

5 Out of 9 Supreme Court Justices Agree

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Bush Administration's "faith based initiatives". Our pious Justices apparently prayed to whatever golden statue it is they worship and came up with a 5-4 decision that limits people's ability to challenge federal tax dollars going into religious organizations.

According to the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

"Significantly, the high court upheld the precedent of Flast v. Cohen (1968), granting federal taxpayers the right to challenge unconstitutional acts of Congress to promote religion. Today's Court interpretation, however, limits Flast v. Cohen to acts of Congress explicitly appropriating money used to promote religion, or funding specific programs which promote religion."


"The Supreme Court in effect ruled that the Bush Administration may use taxpayer money to support religion without complaint by taxpayers. The decision makes the violation impervious to court review, since no one besides taxpayers could have standing to challenge the appropriations."

Holy Vatican City, Batman! Religious organizations applying for federal grants?

The First Church of the DC Comictician needs to get in on this. Perhaps we could launch our own federally-funded camps for young girls and boys so that they can learn how to use Batarangs, fight like Black Canary, and wield the Green Lantern's power ring so that the next generation might be prepared for what may lie in store for them.

Let's face it; faith and prayer alone are not going to stop the Legion of Doom. With millions of taxpayer dollars at hand, we could have Crusaders for the Justice League on every block in America.

Our future is at stake and every taxpaying citizen in the country should be forced to pick up the tab whether they embrace the teachings of the Martian Manhunter or not. Just ask those five devout Roman Catholics (Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy) on the highest court in the land.



Anne Johnson said...

Don't look to your DC heroes to get you out of Hell. (or Arkham Asylum for that matter, although it leads the field in escapes). Get out there, convert to the true superhero religion, Catholicism, and buy your way into the Marvel regions.

I'll bet you didn't know that the X-Men got a federal grant to turn orphans into useful mutants. You'd never see such social conscience from the bunch at DC.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

Well, that doesn't surprise me. Being as that everytime you turn around, you see Hollywood actors and politicians hanging around with Marvel heroes.

Still most Americans think I'm completely crazy when I say that almost every news channel in the country is biased towards the far Marvelite universe.