Thursday, June 28, 2007

About Me

I've been tagged by my friend, Anne Johnson from The Gods Are Bored to tell seven things about myself. So here goes:

- I was born from a fog somewhere in the hills of West Virginia. I'm not sure who my father is, but after some extensive research I have narrowed it down to either plant or animal.

- I'm not sure which year or century I was actually born, but I crawled out of the woods in 1970.

- I have two older half-brothers who are relatively famous: Pumpkinhead and the Mothman.

- The Mothman and I still keep in touch on a regular basis, but me and Pumpkinhead haven't spoken since he threw away all of his DC comic books and started reading Marvel comic books because he thinks they're "more adult".

- I speak four major languages: English, Romulan, Klingon, and Thanagarian.

- I've never left this planet, at least at anytime that I'm aware of.

- I picked up the newest Fantastic Four comic book off the shelf at the newsstand and thumbed through it before I knew what I was doing. Upon returning home, it took five showers to make me feel normal again (I think I'm going to call that store and ask them if they'll cover up those types of comic books so that such temptations can be avoided in the future. Dr. Doom? I mean come on).

- Our lives growing up were pretty normal. Me, Pumpkinhead, and the Mothman fought just like all brothers do, we all played sports in high school, listened to country, heavy metal, and rap, got decent grades and participated in school events, etc.. Some people thought we were a little odd, but really, we're just like everybody else.

*The pictures in this post are (in order) me, Pumpkinhead, and Mothman's senior pictures- we never really did care much for tuxedos.


Anne Johnson said...

This will probably crush your ego, but my daughter would like to have Mothman's phone number.

And since she totalled my car, I'd like her to have Mothman's phone number too. ASAP

And, would Mothman look at my blog and tell me what the @#@@#$ I did to it?

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I'm actually used to that. I don't know why everybody always went crazy for Mothman- while seldom bothering to give me and Pumpkinhead the time of day (this really made Pumpkinhead angry).

I'll see if he'll look at your blog and get back to you, Anne.