Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Real Star Spangled Banner

This is cross posted at Appalachian Greens. It's just a little something I ran through the universal translator over a year ago when some people got all pissed off about the national anthem being sung in Spanish. With all this debate over an immigration bill in congress, I'd thought go ahead and revive it and put it up here so we can all have something to be proud of this 4th of July.


Some people look around and they see poverty, war, inequality, environment and economy on the verge of collapse, and a multitude of other problems we all share. Then they get all worked up over flag burning. Brought to you by those same imbeciles, there now seems to be some controversy over people singing the National Anthem in Spanish. Oh, the sacrilege! Next thing you know people will be reading the Holy Bible in Greek or Latin.

So for those folks who have nothing better to do then worry about what goddamn language someone is using to sing the Star Spangled Banner, I'd like to take this opportunity to translate this classic American hit into Klingon.

Sing this proudly at the next parade you attend, it's your first amendment right and to the best of my knowledge this is the only "alien" version of the song available. All other versions are sang by humans beings in human languages.

Star-Spangled Banner (So' banner puv Dung puH)

toH jatlh laH SoH legh Sum po
nuq maH Daq may' wov maj
tIq 'oy'naQ QIDpu'
ghachmey je 'ugh Hov
vegh quv may' Dung yotlh vo'
may' maH legh vaj quv bIQtIQ
je qul Doq wov qul
Daq pagh nobta' legh vegh ram vetlh
maj flag ghaHta' vIHHa'
toH jatlh ta'taH vetlh
qul So' banner puv Dung puH vo'
HoS je tuq vo' quv
HoS je tuq vo' qul


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