Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ode to Captain Pike

O' Captain Christopher Pike, how great thou art. We hardly got a chance to know thee and thy mission to explore the strange new worlds and seek out new life! Thou hast offered thy life and received little bounty to shepherd thine souls that dwell within the vast space of the United Federation of Planets.

Captain Pike was the Starfleet captain who preceded James T. Kirk in commanding the USS Enterprise (registry: NCC-1701).

After being promoted to fleet captain He was badly injured by delta ray radiation heroically rescuing some cadets during a training exercise. He was rendered immobile and speechless so Starfleet made him a wheelchair that operated off of his brainwaves.

We have Captain Pike to thank for making first contact with the highly intelligent aliens known as the Talosians from the quarantined planet of Talos IV and for befriending and promoting Mr. Spock, the half-Vulcan first officer under Captain Kirk.

So let us take a moment now and bow our heads in thanks to Fleet Captain Christopher Pike. Perhaps if we show just enough gratitude for his service in Starfleet, he might send out a few of his brainwaves to activate that green "yes" button on the front of his chair restraint and thereby bless us all.



Chris James said...

You think Star Fleet would have ever really executed Spock for going ot Talos?

Anne Johnson said...

I've always wondered about Spock. If he's only half Vulcan, how come he never throws a temper tantrum? I mean, he could get over it and go Vulcan again, but geez. Where's the human part? One eyebrow going up in the air just does not cut it with me.

Elvis Drinkmo said...

I can't believe that Starfleet would have really executed one of the finest officers of the line just for taking Captain Pike back to Talos IV. (I wonder what ever happened to the Talosians.)

Spock definitely struggled to keep his human half in check. Perhaps to provide us mere mortals with an example of how we really can reign in our emotions and start thinking about logic.