Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Prayer for Humility

At the request of my man, Jackie, we would would like to repost this very sacred prayer so that people everywhere can have something in their lives that will bring them a little bit closer to the Hall of Justice.

Now friends, let us bow our heads in prayer.

Dear Hawkgirl, who art from Thanagar, hallow be thy name.

We ask you to help us through our errors and mistakes that we make as we dwell in this sector. For we are only mortals beneath the glorious grace of the Justice League's watchful eye. Please guide us through these perilous times and help us to avoid the temptations laid out for us by the Legion of Doom and their deadly mind control beams.

We understand the trials and tribulations that you were forced to undergo when the Thanagarians invaded this planet. We understand how difficult the choice must have been having to choose between your people and your friends in the Justice League. We can only hope to have but a mere ounce of your courage and your strength as we struggle with problems that pale in comparison to your own.

Oh mighty Hawkgirl, we praise and honor you daily and ask that you continue to spread your wings over the quadrant. We ask that you continue to smash the bad guys, falling asteroids, and all those who would choose to oppose our beliefs with your powerful mace.

In the name of justice and all that is Holy we pray to you,




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Jackie said...

To show my respect and admiration for Hawkgirl I'm getting a tattoo of her...a full body tattoo :D