Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Conversations with Batman

As I walk the beach on a cool summer evening I find myself sitting upon a rock and sitting in silence.

I meditate and try to feel the strength that flows from the Green Lantern's might. I picture myself floating in the center of the universe near the planet Oa; where the Guardians first gave life to the Green Lantern Corps. I feel their cause of justice flow through me like a warm breeze, but it brings me no peace. If I were to be handed a Green power ring, would I find it? My very being yearns for this peace like a drowning clown yearns to shed his floppy shoes so that he may gracefully move his body forward and kick his way through the water to safety.

I begin walking again in the empty land of nature's music. I stare out upon the ocean and a voice cries out through my mouth from an unwilling soul that rests within my weary body, "Batman! What is this all for?"

There is no answer.

So I keep on walking in search of the Eternal Meaning. A brief glance into the sky brings forth but a shimmer of the Batsignal in the clouds and my heart takes this as a sign that the Bat is indeed with me. I can't see His footprints so perhaps He is carrying me or maybe he has a new car that doesn't leave no tracks. For I am riding shotgun where the Boy Wonder should be sitting.

So I ask Him, "Batman, what is the meaning of life?" He doesn't respond or even look in my small direction, but I'm sure that he is there; nurturing my doubts and guiding me through times of trouble. Again I am silent, for the Batman is with me. What more could I need?

Here, I am safe from the Joker and the laughing gas..........

To be continued.

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