Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama's VP Pick

We here at the First Church of the DC Comictician and Latter day Citizens of the United Federation of Planets have learned who presidential candidate, Barack Obama, has chosen to be his running mate. The official announcement is planned for tomorrow.

Here he is:

This one's going to drive Hillary supporters nuts. Yes, Lex Luthor will be running with Senator Obama this fall and continue his war against Superman from the White House if elected. All those rumors about Obama being a "sleeper" were apparently true.

(We also know who John McCain is choosing for his running mate. That information will be released to the public this weekend as soon as church documents have been prepared.)

May the Justice League of America bless us all in this dire time of need.


Malach the Merciless said...

I bet McCain get's Darkseid

Elvis Drinkmo said...


We have learned that Darkseid was on McCain's shortlist for VP. It was a good guess.

But ultimately he chose Poison Ivy apparently in an attempt to woo all those disgruntled Hillary voters.