Friday, July 10, 2009

Word to All Supervillains: Leave Our State, We Have a Superhero Protecting Us in Charleston

It's a great day to be a West Virginian. Don't worry about the economy that's crashing down harder than an fully loaded atom bomb- just go starve to death quietly and be grateful you had food to eat up until now. Others aren't so fortunate.

What's exciting is that we have a governor who is willing to challenge crime head on and call criminals out as if he were the incarnation of the Batman himself. Any day now Joe Manchin is going to tear open his shirt and show us that he is, in fact, the New Man of Steal- oops, I mean "Steel".

This comes from the Charleston Daily Mail:

Gov. Joe Manchin has a message for drug dealers: Get out of West Virginia and don't come back.

Manchin kicked off a statewide crackdown called "Operation Eviction'' on Thursday in Huntington.

The governor says state and local authorities will do whatever it takes to rid the state of drug dealers.

Manchin has asked Military Affairs and Public Safety Secretary Jim Spears to research the legality of hard labor as punishment. The governor says he expects to hear constitutional concerns but he wants punishment that will make drug dealers wish they never came to the state.

That's right, punks. You're going back to where you came from.

Finally, after years of liberals in Charleston pandering to the Joker and the Legion of Doom we have a governor who isn't going to take it anymore, a man who will stand up against the scum, the filth. A man who will send Darkseid back to Apokolips, Bizzaro Superman back to Bizarro World, and drug dealers back the island of Drugdealerousistan.

All Praise Be to Hawkgirl for this brave man under the gold capitol dome who isn't afraid to challenge evil wherever it stalks the innocent.

Beware criminals, Governor Manchin has his eye on you and it's only a matter of time before that eye starts shooting heat-ray vision.


Hoyt said...

This is good news, indeed!!! With all the drug dealers gone, the Supermanch can focus on bringing in chemical companies to West Virginia keep us safe and healthy!!

Malach the Merciless said...

Wow, how about the WV education system?

Goat Yoda said...

Hey Rev. Elvis dude!

Capt. Picard, Capt. Janeway AND Mr. Spock are going to be at Dragon Con, so I get to see them!!!!

So, I'll get sacred 1st class relics and make 2nd class relics for folks to touch and feel......

Buzzardbilly said...

I hate Manshit. I didn't realize all the children were fed and we'd all slimmed down to a reasonable size that Time Magazine could live with.

In funner news, there's an invite for all at my blog today and I wanted to make sure you didn't miss it. It should be well worth the trip and tix to the show are cheap. Your call on whether you wanna go bouffant, being a dude and all. My Curmy has vetoed bouffant for himself. He's just coming as he is.

JDB said...

"Operation Eviction"? What are they going to do, spirit these drug dealers across the border and dump them in Ironton or Ashland?

libhom said...

I wonder what he'll do with the drug dealers from Big Pharma.